A few more tips to help with your Year End

If you haven't already started preparation for your end. It's best to get cracking or contact us to ensure a smooth tax year. 

Many things that cause issues are assets and liabilities that weren't accounted for during that fiscal year. Small businesses typically run into this issue more often then others. One of the best ways to prepare yourself is to use your last years tax to compare these areas for an increase and decrease. In many cases the a whole category is forgotten about! Preparing all of this ahead of time for your tax consultant is going to make your end of year that much more accurate.

It never hurts to do frequent reviews of your finances throughout the year, typically semi anually or quarterly.

Another thing to ask your tax consultant if they do not offer is any new trends or areas that may benefit future tax returns in your cases. At J&B tax service in Newmarket we will always let you know where areas of improvement are. 

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